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SaaS organizational design and planning – design a fearless future for your organization

become more adept at adapting with Orgvue

A SaaS platform that enables you and your organization to be:

always ready

Design in an era of constant evolution, see your organization in real-time and always be ready to act and react.

completely connected

Bring together the business, workforce and finance to create meaningful dialogue on the organization.

future focused

Get a step ahead, plan for different future scenarios, know your options and be ready for anything.

be fearless in the face of uncertainty

The world is not what it used to be. Businesses now rise and fall within a decade, or less. And none are safe from the unforeseen twists and turns of market transformation, technological advances or economic turbulence.

Against this backdrop, the organizations that are adept at adapting will come on out top. How? By knowing your workforce and where it can flex as circumstances demand. By being able to quickly switch direction and take it in your stride. This is fearless performance design.

organizational design

Organizational design with Orgvue is an ongoing and cyclical process of continual improvement, with access to best-in-class methodology on a single platform.

workforce planning

Through a combination of SaaS and advisory services, Orgvue helps you establish the target demand and manage gaps between workforce supply and demand.

business transformation

In a constantly changing world, Orgvue has the design and planning capability to make your organization more agile and more adaptable.

mergers and acquisition

Deliver promised value with Orgvue as your workforce planning platform – from post-merger integration and value realization through to workforce optimization.

future of work and hybrid working

As the nature of work changes, reassess and reimagine the workforce of the future with a data-driven analysis of skills and activity.

organizational growth

Restructure for growth with a strong foundation of integrated data, enabling you to rework, redeploy and reinvest talent through periods of expansion.

cost reduction

Organizational planning with a focus on work and activity, rather than structure, to reduce costs and preserve value.

workforce modeling

Model the future, assess the impact of your decisions and get your business where it needs to be.

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accelerate design and planning with features and capabilities aligned to the objectives of your complex organization

more fearless thinking

organizational design

Iterative organizational design is fast becoming a survival strategy for every business to deal with disruption.

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organizational planning & analysis

OP&A works hand-in-hand with FP&A to prepare the organization for the future.

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workforce planning & analytics

Businesses with better people planning see 2x productivity growth compared to those with below par capability.

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fearless customers

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design your business of tomorrow, today

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