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the orgvue platform

organizational design and workforce planning for large and complex businesses

how orgvue helps

in a changing world

See your organization like never before, in all its complexity. Explore alternative futures and plan for the models you create. Then continually monitor your evolution to make the most of every opportunity. All with orgvue, the organizational design and workforce planning SaaS platform.

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solving your challenge

meet your strategic business challenges

For every design and planning challenge, we have a solution. orgvue puts an organizational structure in place to ensure you have the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Helping you bridge the gap between workforce demand and supply.

organizational design

Organizational design with orgvue is an ongoing and cyclical process of continual improvement, with access to best-in-class methodology on a single platform.

workforce planning

Through a combination of SaaS and advisory services, orgvue helps you establish the target demand and manage gaps between workforce supply and demand.

business transformation

In a constantly changing world, orgvue has the design and planning capability to make your organization more agile and more adaptable.

mergers and acquisition

Deliver promised value with orgvue as your workforce planning platform – from post-merger integration and value realization through to workforce optimization.

future of work and hybrid working

As the nature of work changes, reassess and reimagine the workforce of the future with a data-driven analysis of skills and activity.

organizational growth

Restructure for growth with a strong foundation of integrated data, enabling you to rework, redeploy and reinvest talent through periods of expansion.

cost reduction

Organizational planning with a focus on work and activity, rather than structure, to reduce costs and preserve value.

workforce modeling

Model the future, assess the impact of your decisions and get your business where it needs to be.

see orgvue’s features

accelerate design and planning with features and capabilities aligned to the objectives of your complex organization

why should you choose orgvue?

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Get up to speed with a purpose-built platform that’s able to handle large and complex data, simultaneously and in multiple workstreams.

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Get the big picture. Connect decision making to data across all parts of your organization to plan and design with depth and breadth.


Create scenarios, undertake collaborative modeling and monitor progress to create an agile and adaptable organization fit for the future.

Benefits of orgvue

how we add value
to your business

Acquire a unique perspective on your organization and its workforce with orgvue. A perspective from which you can continually model, plan and monitor business developments, and adapt, at speed, to any eventuality.     


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data driven

As orgvue handles and aligns large, complex data sets with multiple workstreams at the same time, you can model, spot opportunities and answer speculative questions in the moment.

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time saving

Restructure in a fraction of the time by quickly building a central data baseline that takes into account the regional variations within complex multinational organizations.

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Find out all about our security and compliance standards including our ISO, CSA STAR and other certifications. Also learn about our data and privacy protection and live orgvue platform availability. In other words, all the evidence of why you can trust us.

find out more about security

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Streamline the structuring of agile teams, source talent to meet demand and continuously recalibrate by modeling and visualizing multiple hierarchies and dotted-line reporting. 

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cost effective

See how your plans impact your strategy and costs, then choose the best model to meet the needs of your business and both HR and Finance stakeholders.

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aligned with goals

With a holistic, end-to-end view of your business on a single platform, you’ll be able to plan accordingly and align with your business goals through cycles of continuous improvement.

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future focused

Focus forward and ask the ‘what if’ questions for the future. Constantly plan, monitor and manage, so you can confidently take control of the way your business is resourced.

find out how orgvue can help you plan for your future

see orgvue in action

orgvue uses your data to help you grow and shape your business. The ultimate in future readiness.

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see the organization’s hidden truths

  • Rapidly import and clean data at scale
  • Quickly build a baseline view of your workforce
  • Analyze any dimension or measure in depth
  • Export to PowerPoint to share with your team

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design the organization-as-a-system

  • Map positions, roles, activities and competencies
  • Model your future organization
  • Manage multiple workstreams, securely
  • Track implementation against ‘to-be’ design

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plan your workforce from end-to-end

  • Forecast supply over planning horizon
  • Simulate top-down view of demand
  • Model bottom-up demand at position level
  • Reconcile plans to align your business

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monitor performance continuously

  • Monitor actuals and forecast against targets
  • Track in-flight initiatives in real time
  • Spot opportunities and risks early
  • Recommend actions to stay on track

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professional and
consultancy services

professional and
consultancy services

Every business is different and our advisory services team, along with our implementation and customer success teams, can help you configure orgvue to work for your organizational needs.

We can also help you develop your skills around workforce planning, organizational design and transformation, so you can leverage our best-practice expertise to improve time to value in your own business.

talk to our expert team

our customer stories

fearless customers and partners

Meet the industry leaders and get to know our platform and services.

a financial services company

Hear how a major global bank have used orgvue for their business transformation.

Britam insurance

An orgvue customer success story in the financial services industry.

a leading commodity chemicals company

A workforce transformation program that generated annual cost savings of $300m.


A case study in workforce modeling, planning and analysis and organizational redesign for the Financial Services industry.

“We improved our data accuracy by more than 30%, increased business confidence, and boosted credibility for HR and Finance.”

Vice President, Human Resources, Kellogg’s

orgvue packages

Choose an orgvue package to reflect the particular needs and priorities of your organization. They can all be fully configured to your business requirements.

positions & roles

Link positions and roles to people, gain an understanding of actual and planned costs, and align resources with the needs of your organization.

  • All the features of our People package
  • Simplified and shareable data collection and cleaning
  • Shareable ‘what if’ scenario modeling
  • Extra features available as add-ons


Improve your people data and how you visualize your workforce and organizational structure.

  • Drag-and-drop data cleaning
  • Choose how you visualize your data
  • Share data with compelling visualizations


major global bank


cost savings


completed project in 1/3 of time


fewer resources needed


global chemical business


fewer resources needed


business partners collaborated


data records in one view


insurance company


saving on labor costs


saving on managerial and overhead costs


reduction in organizational layers

explore more of orgvue

organizational design and
planning for a changing world

We connect business strategy with your workforce and the work they do, enabling you to adapt quickly to change and bring about a cycle of continuous improvement. Here’s how:

platform features


Accelerate design and planning with features and capabilities aligned to the objectives of your complex organization.

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orgvue packages


Choose an orgvue package to reflect the particular needs and priorities of your organization. They can all be fully configured to your business requirements.

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Find out all about our security and compliance standards, our data and privacy protection and live orgvue platform availability. In other words, all the reasons why you can trust us.

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case studies

Meet our customers and hear their stories to learn about how orgvue has helped them.

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design your business of tomorrow, today

Discover what orgvue can do for your organization first-hand, request your free demo.