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security and trust center

Welcome to the orgvue trust center where you can find out all about our security and compliance standards.

“We don’t deserve your trust if we can’t protect your people data.”

Tim Ross, General Counsel, orgvue

orgvue is committed to ensuring the highest security and compliance standards built directly into our platform and our operations. The confidentiality, integrity and availability of your people data, and how it is managed, is always our top priority.


Find out about the security of our platform, from data encryption to access control, and the security of our operations, from employee screening to office access.

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Find out about our compliance to the most rigorous international standards on information security, including our ISO, CSA STAR and other certifications.

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platform status

See the status of the platform and how it is currently performing.

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privacy and data protection

Find out about how we protect your most valued and sensitive people data, including compliance to the California Privacy Act, GDPR, PIPEDA and APA.

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ethics and corporate social responsibility

Find out about our ethically and socially responsible codes of conduct, including policies on anti-bribery and corruption to modern slavery.

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case studies

Don’t take our word for it – hear real-life customer success stories.

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Data and security protection

Read this article about data and security protection by Tim Ross, General Counsel, orgvue.

Learn more about our legal terms and conditions.

“We improved our data accuracy by more than 30%, increased business confidence and boosted credibility for HR and Finance.”

Vice President, Human Resources, Kellogg’s

orgvue heritage

orgvue is a division of Concentra Analytics Ltd. orgvue was launched in 2011 and now serves customers in all corners of the world from offices in London, Philadelphia, Sydney and The Hague. Concentra Analytics is a data analytics company with award-winning software products and services. It was founded in 2005 by a group of AT Kearney management consultants with the vision to enable leaders to use data to improve their operations and execute their business strategies more effectively. Concentra employs over 220 employees worldwide and is headquartered in London.

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