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Tracking and monitoring

Keep an immediate, clear and actionable line of sight on your progress and connect it to your business objectives. 

Tracking KPIs and monitoring your progress is crucial to achieving your business objectives.

Whether you’re reporting on a change program, delivering the value of a merger or implementing a new workforce plan, tracking and monitoring is key. In fact, more than 80% of transformations are unsuccessful, partly because of a lack of continuous monitoring.  

So, how do you make sure you always have the answer to questions such as: 

  • Are we closer to our vision? 
  • Which people or positions have been added, removed or changed? 
  • Is our organization’s future aligned with our business strategy? 
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Perhaps what you measure is what you get. More likely, what you measure is all you’ll get.

H. Thomas Johnson

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Take advantage of Orgvue’s expertise and best practice

Orgvue provides you with the technology to collect data, visualize it and understand what’s happening in your business. In other words, it allows you to quickly and efficiently track progress against early assumptions over time, so you can spot opportunities and course-correct initiatives in-flight and monitor progress against your baseline with the same data models used in your planning and reforecast as needed.


Track progress against objectives 

As you go through your transformation, track changes month-to-month against your objectives. How are you doing in comparison to the outcomes you had initially planned? Are you closer to achieving your goals? 

Executive reporting to show value realization, highlight risks and deliver confidence in the progress of M&A activity 
Tracking cost over a 12 months period using Orgvue, comparing the original plan with actual numbers to reveal gradual cost savings 

Track changes to headcount and cost over time 

Manage risk by tracking metrics such as cost, headcount and full-time equivalent (FTE) and overlaying them to see how they vary. Compare them with your original assumptions and anticipate where you might deviate from your targets. 


Track movement across the business 

Drill down into the detail to understand how employees or positions have been added, moved or exited from the organization. 

Answer questions such as: 

  • How many employees were added to my marketing department? 
  • Which positions were moved from the US to India? 
  • Who was newly hired in the organization? 
Screenshot from Orgvue employees that have joined the organization, been moved or left the organization 

Customer story:

Using Orgvue to track against targets and see cost reduction over time

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We needed a system to show how our 150 HR business partners in 30+ countries were doing against the targets in their areas.

CFO, Leading global manufacturer

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Business goal

  • Reduce costs by $300m through a global workforce restructure
  • Track the benefit of synergies and talent decisions in real time
  • Enable visibility and transparency of governance and control
  • Enable HR and Finance to speak a common language that will improve collaboration


  • Made use of the workforce plan built previously
  • Replaced regional Excel-based monitoring with a universal view and visually engaging reports
  • Monitored plans centrally against one dataset with organization-wide accessibility and regional views
  • Tracked and monitored the organizational system to show progress against targets and gaps in performance

Tracking and monitoring data sheet

Learn more about how Orgvue can help you to monitor your business over time, from data to design to delivery and back again.

  • Connect data at various points in time with pre-defined targets, so you can spot opportunities and course correct initiatives in flight.
  • Report on metrics such as cost, headcount and full time equivalent
  • Drill into position or person level detail
  • A real customer story of tracking and monitoring

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