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organizational spans & layers

make a fast start to rightsizing your organization in a changing world

No organization could ever admit to being perfectly designed, especially when markets are as volatile as they are today. Over time, complexity and bloating become inevitable organizational issues, making it more and more difficult to sense, adapt and respond to changes as the business needs.

A popular solution is to analyze the organization by its spans and layers and begin rightsizing it to deliver:

  • Faster business recovery from disruption
  • Cost savings through downsizing
  • Efficiency gains by reducing complexity
  • Greater customer intimacy from fewer layers

But getting a true picture of exactly who’s in your organization, where and how that can change is never as simple as it should be. Until now.

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Coronavirus: Essential business planning for faster business recovery

Join us on Wed 27 May at 11am EDT (4pm GMT) for a webinar on response planning and business continuity during the Coronavirus crisis.

your fast-start package

orgvue has created a do-it-yourself spans and layers package that aggregates your workforce data and visualizes it in 11 pre-built diagnostic reports and 8 monitoring reports. Use these reports to make decisions and effect change in just days, not weeks.

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orgvue platform

11 spans and layers diagnostic reports

8 spans and layers monitoring reports

Manual data feed

digital advisor

Videos on methodology, how to interpret the diagnostic reports and how to prepare necessary data

Downloadable toolkit with additional information on the spans and layers reports

service support

Perform data set-up with you

Perform initial data quality assessment

Walk-through of the report

Monthly calls

product sheet

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